About Us

Wallaby’s Fabrications is a family owned business operated by husband and wife ~ Danny and Mary Kopchak. And it is the merging of their distinctive skills and experience that serve as the company’s foundation. With educations in engineering and marketing followed by years spent in corporate roles, this couple gained an understanding and respect for what it would take to develop and maintain a successful business of their own. They opened the doors to Wallaby’s Fabrications in early 2008 and have never looked back.

While Danny and Mary share an entrepreneurial spirit, they also share a strong desire to be the best at what they do. They bring to Wallaby’s a competitive edge that has helped them to create an ambitious and enthusiastic company culture. To ensure that the team rises to each new challenge, Danny and Mary place an emphasis on teamwork, cross-training, and accountability. From the beginning, they knew that their success would be measured by the quality of their products, their service and their team. They set the bar high, and they have not been disappointed with the results.

Photo by Bluewater Images


Wallaby’s Fabrications is constantly expanding in knowledge and experience. Today their success can be measured by the breadth of their product offering, their increasingly loyal customer base and by the commitment of their team. They are proud of what they do and it shows!

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